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AntiRacism Conversations

Image by Lucas Andrade
  • ARC 3: Do it: ARC toward justice 
    Commit to co-creating a workplace and society to be proud of.
  • ARC 2: Own it: How racism works
    Grasp the daily impacts of power imbalances in a monoculture.
  • ARC 1: SEE IT - What racism is
    Develop insight into untaught history and its implications today.
  • How do the challenges work?
    With AntiRacism, everyone needs to learn to walk before they can run. We take staff on a spaced unlearning and re-learning adventure, using best practice learning steps and resources recommended by antiracism experts around the world. This graded path to change maximises impact and avoids backlash. We too engage in continuous learning and improvement in a rapidly expanding field. ​ More than being a marketing slogan, our experience shows that people aren't changed by lectures and boring slideshows. They change when they want to change and that's why our programs are lively, engaging experiences designed to evoke self-learning. Lasting cultural change in your organisation takes time and energy. ​ We undertake a thorough policy and practice review, identifying indirect barriers that can lurk unseen and prevent effective attraction, inclusion, development and retention of diverse talent. We support your organisation's creation of action plans and treaty implementation.
  • How are the challenges run?
    Depending on your budget, it can be run - in analog form - on an online portal, or - as an app ​ These Challenges are part of our long-term AntiRacism programs that are offered with built-in engagement and motivation.
  • What are they?
    Our AntiRacism Challenges use 'gamification' methods to change behaviour through helpful incentives. This approach engages and retains attention, it helps learners learn about challenging things in a safe way, it provides instant feedback and enjoyment, it combines competition with collaboration.
  • Why should we test?
    You want to see the return on your investment. And, because you can only manage what you can measure, we offer pre- and post-testing, using Professor Yin Paradies' validated Reflexive AntiRacism Scale — a proven measuring stick.
  • Can you train our staff?
    We deliver train-the-trainer versions of workshop segments, so you are fully in control of the ongoing life of the program, but of course, if you need us further, we are available when circumstances or personnel change.

Watch a short film clip from our video library used for facilitation. Here, Samantha Mordech discusses how being race neutral in the workplace is actually silencing racism. 

​Contact me to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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