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Arc towards justice

ARC is an exploration of ourselves, the societies we live in and our capacity to transform them. ARC experiences are eye-opening, evidence-based and powerful. A range of influential and inspirational speakers, including Professor Yin Paradies, Sami Shah, Hala Abdelnour, Gloria Tabi and Dr Shishir Ray have already joined ARC facilitator Jane Lewis. We invite guests who will leave a profound impression on your participants.

ARC Options

Image by Warren Wong

AntiRacism Capsule

30-90 minute, fast-moving experiences - any number of participants


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Image by Brooke Cagle

AntiRacism Conversations

A series of 3-hour video-based, interactive workshops for up to 20 people. Optional pre and post UnLearning Resources.

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Image by Tachina Lee

ARC Q&A – 1 hour

Elicit the most pressing questions from staff and address them via expert panel members


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Image by Brett Jordan

AntiRacism Commitment

  • Tailored interactive ARC 1-3 workshops 

  • Policy and Practice refresh or rebuild

  • Coaching for managers and supervisors

  • Pre and Post Surveys and Un-Learning resources



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​Contact me to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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